There’s a difference between a real one star review and a fake one star review made by the same person for the past 8+ years.

M. Lauryl Lewis claims that people are allowed to make one star reviews anonymously for “Internet Safety.” My question to the know-it-all is if she thinks she isn’t doing anything wrong on anonymous names making one star reviews on people’s stories, then she should have no reason to hide.

Also, I’m not against criticism, the only problem is it’s been the same troll to leave me fake one star reviews on all my stories so I just end up reporting and ignoring the stalker. If the one star review is made by a real person who is a real reader of mine, of course I can handle that. What I don’t tolerate, is a WANNABE author who pretends she’s a best seller creating fake anonymous accounts to attack other author stories while pretending to be a “nice” person on her main account. THAT is what I don’t tolerate. I also ignore fake reviews made by failed authors who aren’t even real readers of mine. 🙂

I can take one star reviews if it’s actually a legitimate review. Since the only one star reviews I get are from the same nasty troll who has been leaving fake one star reviews on my stories for the past 8 years, I just report it and move on. I’m not going to stop writing moral stories about bullies and I will never publish my real stories on names they stalk. I have worked far too hard on my stories for my first review to be a fake one star review made by an obsessed stalker of mine who refuses to fuck off my page.

Another thing is this — people abuse their anonymous rights to attack authors and slander authors while pretending to be “nice” people they’re not on their main names — exactly what she’s doing.

M. Lauryl Lewis and A.J. Goode are taking advantage of their anonymous privileges to stalk and harass authors on anonymous names and they can deny it’s even them on their main accounts which they have done.

I don’t really care what these two losers are saying about me whatsoever. I just feel bad they are lying to my fellow co-worker authors. Then again, if people are that easily deceived by her, I don’t need to network with naive authors. I only network with authors who have common sense who don’t need to be told who is in the right or wrong. They just KNOW.

If I was a reader of M. Lauryl Lewis and I saw she posted screen shots of someone, but didn’t say who it was — I would want to know two things:

why she is hiding who she is talking about on her page and

why doesn’t the person she is talking about directly respond on her posts she screen shots.

So basically she looks nutty screen shotting my posts even though she blocked me and responding to me still yet not allowing me to comment on her page even though she’s talking about me. I can’t be bothered with that child trapped in a grown woman’s body.

I would not fav her tripe “telling someone off” she doesn’t even tag me, LOL.

AND TWO — I didn’t even read her *clap handed* speech to me so how is she telling me off if I don’t read it? I don’t get it for those that believe her nonsense, LOL.