Crazy People calling me Crazy

It’s really amusing how M. Lauryl Lewis has the galls to insult me with insults that actually describe herself. I’m busy with all the other things I need to do that are more important than her Internet drama and she sits here all day, screen shotting every Twitter bio update I make. Not only that, she has me BLOCKED and she STILL stalks my page every day yet she has the GALLS to call me crazy.

Clearly she hasn’t looked in the mirror at herself:

-Every friend she ever made she lied to about me to get them to side with her and she has no remorse for lying to her friends she claims to “respect.” She misled them and the only reason they’re defending her is because they believe her lies. She sits on the Internet all day long refreshing my Twitter Page and screen shots me the minute I make a bio update and yet she has the nerve to call me crazy. By the way, I don’t waste time screen shotting anything they say. They say nothing of substance.

Not to mention she’s a dirty old 40-something year old woman with 3 young kids and she still thrives off of Internet drama and she’s way older than me picking on people that are much younger than her.

M. Lauryl Lewis really needs psychiatric help, and so does her BFF A.J. Goode.

What the hell are these losers bragging about? They’re really bragging about being lunch ladies and people who stay at home and don’t work. People brag about the absolute dumbest shit!!!