I feel sorry for Shrek’s husband – he’ll never make her happy.

I feel sorry for Shrek’s husband how he bought all these new kitchen appliances for her and even made a nice home for her and Shrek is a jealous bitter psychopath because she’s not successful in writing and she hates anyone who earned their writing reviews. She doesn’t have to work so she has the time time to sit her ugly fat ass on the Internet and attack and slander my dog all day.

My dog that died doesn’t deserve to be lied about just because my dog is associated with me. That ugly troll has no boundaries and will attack anything in my life to get me to respond because it’s associated with me.

I think it’s poetic justice how she’ll never be successful the way she hopes in her writing. I tried reporting her Twitter account but because she doesn’t tag my Twitter page, Twitter Support won’t take down her slander posts about my dog. I just have to find my own form of justice.

I guess it’s a sign that her Twitter page will never get taken down because she’ll go even more ape shit if she lost her precious account of 2,500+ followers that took her 6+ years to build. When I first had my old blog, I had 600 subscribers in 6 months. It took her 6+ years full time to get the followers she has and she has to go out of her way to find followers because no one will just follow her for her shitty zombie stories.

She uses her tragedies to get people to follow her page and she acts like a victim. It’s so unprofessional. We wouldn’t talk about our personal tragedies at an actual office to bosses we see, so why should I put up with a troll who constantly airs her dirty laundry for pity sales and followers?

Nah, I’m calling that witch out for her unprofessionalism. She gives real authors a bad name.