Since the bully and her minions haven’t deleted any of their vile trash posts about me and the bully still has that pinned tweet up about me, I don’t feel bad at all for writing a book about the terrible people she and her minions truly are. Since they won’t go away may as well make a few $$$ from stories about bullies who think their shit don’t stink.

Everyone on Twitter and her readers may think the sun shines out of her ass when it really doesn’t. I don’t need to write about the troll to get subscribers. I have plenty of more meaningful stories I can write about to gain subscribers without needing to stoop to M. Lauryl Lewis’ level of using tragedies and pity sales for followers. Since she won’t go away and since she won’t take down her garbage posts about me, so be it.

I’ve already published a short story version of the bullies and their minions and gave it out for free. I didn’t promo it here because I know the losers are going to give me a one star review on it like they do every story I publish that they know of.

I’m going to start charging for longer stories. Since it’s so short and only 5 pages I gave it out for free. 🙂

I already got 3 downloads and haven’t advertised it anywhere, woohoo.

Like I keep telling the losers, I don’t really care what they’re saying about me in the troll’s post comments and posts.

The only reason the trolls still have their Twitter accounts is because I’m not wasting my time reporting them. – They’ll sign up for a new name, anyway and keep harassing me.

I decided to focus more on writing my stories rather than wasting my time reporting immature trolls. They’d sign up for a new name and keep doing what they do. They’ll never go away so there’s no point to report them.

They think somehow giving me fake one star reviews will get them to become more successful than me, LOL. The only thing they did with their fake one star reviews was give me more subscribers. They’re so self-absorbed that they don’t realize no one cares about their pathetic drama and people still subscribe to me and read my stories and they couldn’t care less what those trolls are saying about me.

Even I don’t care what those losers are saying about me. I’m just wondering why they spend so much time talking shit about me when I couldn’t care less if they dislike me or not? They’re losers with too much time on their hands that’s why they have time to harass other authors while other people are working and writing stories.

I decided to make another pen name to post just my stories and not about their drama. I hated losing my readers from my other name, but it’s refreshing being able to finally write in peace without people harassing me and lying about harassing me.

They claim they’re justified in their treatment toward me because they’re threatened by my success so they think somehow taking away and discrediting my success is going to make them more successful than me? LOLOLOL.

The only thing they’re doing is gaining me more subscribers on my new name that isn’t surrounded by their drama. Their lies have no affect on any of my names since they’re cowards who only screen shot me and don’t tag my Twitter page, anyway.

They’re so unprofessional and it’s disgusting how other authors in the #writingcommunity aren’t calling them out for their immature behaviors. They think it’s “normal” for trolls to screen shot every single bio, tweet, and header I’ve ever made and they find nothing wrong with that troll’s maniplative, conniving behaviors. They also find nothing wrong with her slandering my dog’s death.

What is wrong with these pathetic people? Would they like it if someone was attacking their pet that died? No? Then why do they think it’s okay for this monster to use my pet’s death to gain followers to her page?

Wow, I wish these minions who defend the big bully would get a dose of their own medicine to see how they like it if no one has their back and everyone befriends the bully and doesn’t stick up for them. Funny thing is, no one cares enough about these bullies to give them a dose of their own medicine.

The way I beat these trolls is by writing my stories and gaining even more subscribers than before in an even shorter time than last.

— That’s how you beat trolls who act like their shit don’t stink. —


She always falls for the troll bait – that’s why she’s a troll, LOL. :)

So the monster will pretend like she’ll go a day without screen shotting me and back to talking about how awesome and adventurous her life is. I’ll update my bio to see if she’s still going to screen shot me and she always does. She can never stay minding her own business. She always has to have something “witty” to reply to my bios she screen shots.

And once again her sock puppet alt, “Cha_Aegis” fav’d her “witty” and “snarky” post…so predictable. And yeah, Cha_Aegis isn’t a real person. That’s, either M. Lauryl Lewis on a sock account, A.J. Goode pretending to be someone else or one of their other troll friends in disguise.

As if someone real is always sitting there fav’ing everything she writes a second later after she posts it. It’s a total troll account because they’re always on at the same exact time and Cha_Aegis always replies right after M. Lauryl Lewis makes a “snarky” post about me.

That’s how you can tell Cha_Aegis is a sock puppet and not a real person. They think I’m dumb and will fall for that. I mean, they can fool their followers, but they aren’t fooling me. That’s for sure.

M. Lauryl Lewis is so pathetic she has to make a sock puppet account to hype herself up because no one real besides A.J. Goode sits there all day telling M. Lauryl Lewis how awesome she is, LOL.


As of today, the bully and her minions are still gossiping about me in the bully’s post comments. They’re truly subhumans. I don’t even think they’re real people. I don’t get how someone can sit here and deliberately lie about me and have the audacity to call ME the liar. I don’t lie, especially about drama. I especially don’t lie about loser disgusting wannabe authors.

The few screen shots I have of the bully reveals her crazy and what I’m talking about. I predict everything she is going to do before she does it and she does what I say she will do and yet people still suck up and kiss ass to her. I wonder if the psychos defending the bully would like it if the bully was smearing them and nobody had their backs if the bully was attacking them and not me??

What’s more disgusting are the psychotic minions of the bullies who believe that the bully is the victim when she clearly thrives off the drama. She could easily ignore me and yet she has screen shots about me plastered all over her page as if she wants my attention. She even has a pinned tweet about me, but apparently she’s the victim – not the drama queen.

And when I respond they claim I’m harassing her? Of course, I’m going to respond to people who are talking about me and people who are talking about stuff that has nothing to do with them. The psycho bully posted tweets of mine from 2015 about someone I was kind of dating then. Not sure why she does that and her minions find nothing wrong with her erratic behaviors and they still believe she’s the victim even though she instigated me by posting tweets of mine from 2015…but you know what, the sad sacks still believe her and when I give her a dose of her own medicine they think she’s the victim when she manipulates my responses.

They weren’t here when it all went down and actually you can even see that the bully is the one who is bullying and harassing me when she calls me a dog killer – clear lies and yet her minions see nothing wrong with her calling me a dog killer. These people are fucked in the head and they all deserve each other. They’re sickos, psychos and pathetic.

They can spread their lies about me all over Twitter and Reddit. The one place where they don’t get to harass me is my blog and I’m in control here of what gets approved in the comments.

There’s a difference between a real one star review and a fake one star review made by the same person for the past 8+ years.

M. Lauryl Lewis claims that people are allowed to make one star reviews anonymously for “Internet Safety.” My question to the know-it-all is if she thinks she isn’t doing anything wrong on anonymous names making one star reviews on people’s stories, then she should have no reason to hide.

Also, I’m not against criticism, the only problem is it’s been the same troll to leave me fake one star reviews on all my stories so I just end up reporting and ignoring the stalker. If the one star review is made by a real person who is a real reader of mine, of course I can handle that. What I don’t tolerate, is a WANNABE author who pretends she’s a best seller creating fake anonymous accounts to attack other author stories while pretending to be a “nice” person on her main account. THAT is what I don’t tolerate. I also ignore fake reviews made by failed authors who aren’t even real readers of mine. 🙂

I can take one star reviews if it’s actually a legitimate review. Since the only one star reviews I get are from the same nasty troll who has been leaving fake one star reviews on my stories for the past 8 years, I just report it and move on. I’m not going to stop writing moral stories about bullies and I will never publish my real stories on names they stalk. I have worked far too hard on my stories for my first review to be a fake one star review made by an obsessed stalker of mine who refuses to fuck off my page.

Another thing is this — people abuse their anonymous rights to attack authors and slander authors while pretending to be “nice” people they’re not on their main names — exactly what she’s doing.

M. Lauryl Lewis and A.J. Goode are taking advantage of their anonymous privileges to stalk and harass authors on anonymous names and they can deny it’s even them on their main accounts which they have done.

I don’t really care what these two losers are saying about me whatsoever. I just feel bad they are lying to my fellow co-worker authors. Then again, if people are that easily deceived by her, I don’t need to network with naive authors. I only network with authors who have common sense who don’t need to be told who is in the right or wrong. They just KNOW.

If I was a reader of M. Lauryl Lewis and I saw she posted screen shots of someone, but didn’t say who it was — I would want to know two things:

why she is hiding who she is talking about on her page and

why doesn’t the person she is talking about directly respond on her posts she screen shots.

So basically she looks nutty screen shotting my posts even though she blocked me and responding to me still yet not allowing me to comment on her page even though she’s talking about me. I can’t be bothered with that child trapped in a grown woman’s body.

I would not fav her tripe “telling someone off” she doesn’t even tag me, LOL.

AND TWO — I didn’t even read her *clap handed* speech to me so how is she telling me off if I don’t read it? I don’t get it for those that believe her nonsense, LOL.

New Blog Name

So it looks like my two super fans @goodeaj and @mlauryllewis are going to keep stalking me as long as they can get away with it. I haven’t been directly responding to them as that’s been proven to be a lost cause so I decided to focus more on my writing and my support system. M. Lauryl Lewis http://www.zombieauthor.com and A.J. Goode http://www.ajgoode.com think they’re writing gurus.

They spend many years promoting themselves and the only people who support their writing are the same three people who always ever comment on their posts.

These people have 1,200 followers and 1,900 followers and they only ever get 3 people feedback to them. Sad! If I had that many followers, I’d expect more feed back than just the same 3 people commenting on their posts.

Despite only one or two people ever fav’ing their slander posts about me, they refuse to stop screen shotting me and they refuse to stop slandering me. I’ve already talked with several lawyers about these obsessed stalkers about how they know what they’re doing and as long as they don’t break the law, they won’t get into trouble.

I thought slander was a crime though, why can’t these stalkers be held accountable and punished for it? This is ridiculous that these loser people can sit here for the past 8+ years and the next 10+ years posting about me all day while I’m ignoring them and not even responding to them and if I want their slander removed from their pages I have to hire a lawyer for at least $1,000 and that still doesn’t guarantee things will get removed. Oh yeah, I have been talking with several lawyers to see what can be done. I thought it was against Twitter’s terms of service to harass and slander people, so I don’t know why @mlauryllewis and @goodeaj aren’t suspended.

I’ve been too busy working and writing and I couldn’t care less about these losers and their gossip. They say and do absolutely nothing new. The hipster lunch lady @goodeaj made a pinned tweet about me even as of yesterday and she’s still obsessed with me as if her drama started yesterday. No, she and M. Lauryl lewis have been bad mouthing me for 8+ years. I decided to ignore them because they’re losers who love exaggerating their own successes and how “blessed and grateful” they are.

Truly blessed and grateful people don’t spend all day attacking the same person with fake one star reviews for the past 8+ years…that’s just delusional behavior, period.