Since the bully and her minions haven’t deleted any of their vile trash posts about me and the bully still has that pinned tweet up about me, I don’t feel bad at all for writing a book about the terrible people she and her minions truly are. Since they won’t go away may as well make a few $$$ from stories about bullies who think their shit don’t stink.

Everyone on Twitter and her readers may think the sun shines out of her ass when it really doesn’t. I don’t need to write about the troll to get subscribers. I have plenty of more meaningful stories I can write about to gain subscribers without needing to stoop to M. Lauryl Lewis’ level of using tragedies and pity sales for followers. Since she won’t go away and since she won’t take down her garbage posts about me, so be it.

I’ve already published a short story version of the bullies and their minions and gave it out for free. I didn’t promo it here because I know the losers are going to give me a one star review on it like they do every story I publish that they know of.

I’m going to start charging for longer stories. Since it’s so short and only 5 pages I gave it out for free. 🙂

I already got 3 downloads and haven’t advertised it anywhere, woohoo.

Like I keep telling the losers, I don’t really care what they’re saying about me in the troll’s post comments and posts.

The only reason the trolls still have their Twitter accounts is because I’m not wasting my time reporting them. – They’ll sign up for a new name, anyway and keep harassing me.

I decided to focus more on writing my stories rather than wasting my time reporting immature trolls. They’d sign up for a new name and keep doing what they do. They’ll never go away so there’s no point to report them.

They think somehow giving me fake one star reviews will get them to become more successful than me, LOL. The only thing they did with their fake one star reviews was give me more subscribers. They’re so self-absorbed that they don’t realize no one cares about their pathetic drama and people still subscribe to me and read my stories and they couldn’t care less what those trolls are saying about me.

Even I don’t care what those losers are saying about me. I’m just wondering why they spend so much time talking shit about me when I couldn’t care less if they dislike me or not? They’re losers with too much time on their hands that’s why they have time to harass other authors while other people are working and writing stories.

I decided to make another pen name to post just my stories and not about their drama. I hated losing my readers from my other name, but it’s refreshing being able to finally write in peace without people harassing me and lying about harassing me.

They claim they’re justified in their treatment toward me because they’re threatened by my success so they think somehow taking away and discrediting my success is going to make them more successful than me? LOLOLOL.

The only thing they’re doing is gaining me more subscribers on my new name that isn’t surrounded by their drama. Their lies have no affect on any of my names since they’re cowards who only screen shot me and don’t tag my Twitter page, anyway.

They’re so unprofessional and it’s disgusting how other authors in the #writingcommunity aren’t calling them out for their immature behaviors. They think it’s “normal” for trolls to screen shot every single bio, tweet, and header I’ve ever made and they find nothing wrong with that troll’s maniplative, conniving behaviors. They also find nothing wrong with her slandering my dog’s death.

What is wrong with these pathetic people? Would they like it if someone was attacking their pet that died? No? Then why do they think it’s okay for this monster to use my pet’s death to gain followers to her page?

Wow, I wish these minions who defend the big bully would get a dose of their own medicine to see how they like it if no one has their back and everyone befriends the bully and doesn’t stick up for them. Funny thing is, no one cares enough about these bullies to give them a dose of their own medicine.

The way I beat these trolls is by writing my stories and gaining even more subscribers than before in an even shorter time than last.

— That’s how you beat trolls who act like their shit don’t stink. —


I feel sorry for Shrek’s husband – he’ll never make her happy.

I feel sorry for Shrek’s husband how he bought all these new kitchen appliances for her and even made a nice home for her and Shrek is a jealous bitter psychopath because she’s not successful in writing and she hates anyone who earned their writing reviews. She doesn’t have to work so she has the time time to sit her ugly fat ass on the Internet and attack and slander my dog all day.

My dog that died doesn’t deserve to be lied about just because my dog is associated with me. That ugly troll has no boundaries and will attack anything in my life to get me to respond because it’s associated with me.

I think it’s poetic justice how she’ll never be successful the way she hopes in her writing. I tried reporting her Twitter account but because she doesn’t tag my Twitter page, Twitter Support won’t take down her slander posts about my dog. I just have to find my own form of justice.

I guess it’s a sign that her Twitter page will never get taken down because she’ll go even more ape shit if she lost her precious account of 2,500+ followers that took her 6+ years to build. When I first had my old blog, I had 600 subscribers in 6 months. It took her 6+ years full time to get the followers she has and she has to go out of her way to find followers because no one will just follow her for her shitty zombie stories.

She uses her tragedies to get people to follow her page and she acts like a victim. It’s so unprofessional. We wouldn’t talk about our personal tragedies at an actual office to bosses we see, so why should I put up with a troll who constantly airs her dirty laundry for pity sales and followers?

Nah, I’m calling that witch out for her unprofessionalism. She gives real authors a bad name.

She always falls for the troll bait – that’s why she’s a troll, LOL. :)

So the monster will pretend like she’ll go a day without screen shotting me and back to talking about how awesome and adventurous her life is. I’ll update my bio to see if she’s still going to screen shot me and she always does. She can never stay minding her own business. She always has to have something “witty” to reply to my bios she screen shots.

And once again her sock puppet alt, “Cha_Aegis” fav’d her “witty” and “snarky” post…so predictable. And yeah, Cha_Aegis isn’t a real person. That’s, either M. Lauryl Lewis on a sock account, A.J. Goode pretending to be someone else or one of their other troll friends in disguise.

As if someone real is always sitting there fav’ing everything she writes a second later after she posts it. It’s a total troll account because they’re always on at the same exact time and Cha_Aegis always replies right after M. Lauryl Lewis makes a “snarky” post about me.

That’s how you can tell Cha_Aegis is a sock puppet and not a real person. They think I’m dumb and will fall for that. I mean, they can fool their followers, but they aren’t fooling me. That’s for sure.

M. Lauryl Lewis is so pathetic she has to make a sock puppet account to hype herself up because no one real besides A.J. Goode sits there all day telling M. Lauryl Lewis how awesome she is, LOL.


As of today, the bully and her minions are still gossiping about me in the bully’s post comments. They’re truly subhumans. I don’t even think they’re real people. I don’t get how someone can sit here and deliberately lie about me and have the audacity to call ME the liar. I don’t lie, especially about drama. I especially don’t lie about loser disgusting wannabe authors.

The few screen shots I have of the bully reveals her crazy and what I’m talking about. I predict everything she is going to do before she does it and she does what I say she will do and yet people still suck up and kiss ass to her. I wonder if the psychos defending the bully would like it if the bully was smearing them and nobody had their backs if the bully was attacking them and not me??

What’s more disgusting are the psychotic minions of the bullies who believe that the bully is the victim when she clearly thrives off the drama. She could easily ignore me and yet she has screen shots about me plastered all over her page as if she wants my attention. She even has a pinned tweet about me, but apparently she’s the victim – not the drama queen.

And when I respond they claim I’m harassing her? Of course, I’m going to respond to people who are talking about me and people who are talking about stuff that has nothing to do with them. The psycho bully posted tweets of mine from 2015 about someone I was kind of dating then. Not sure why she does that and her minions find nothing wrong with her erratic behaviors and they still believe she’s the victim even though she instigated me by posting tweets of mine from 2015…but you know what, the sad sacks still believe her and when I give her a dose of her own medicine they think she’s the victim when she manipulates my responses.

They weren’t here when it all went down and actually you can even see that the bully is the one who is bullying and harassing me when she calls me a dog killer – clear lies and yet her minions see nothing wrong with her calling me a dog killer. These people are fucked in the head and they all deserve each other. They’re sickos, psychos and pathetic.

They can spread their lies about me all over Twitter and Reddit. The one place where they don’t get to harass me is my blog and I’m in control here of what gets approved in the comments.

The Elites: A Debut Short Story

My stories are so “terrible” and yet my #1 fan club keep reading all of my stories just to leave fake bad reviews on every single story. They’re so dedicated. I’m going to keep writing fictional stories about their bad behaviors until they take a hint to stop stalking me and to stop talking about me. This is my latest fictional story I wrote. So the one star “review” stalker took time out of its day to read my entire short story and rather than comprehending the moral of the story its false reviews do nothing to me or my decoy stories, it still left a fake one star review on my Smashwords account, anyway. (By the way, false reviews get removed, so I don’t know why the person keeps doing it.)

When Abigail Graham’s husband divorced her and then died of an unexpected illness, she went spiraling downward trying to take care of her two teenage sons and 5-year-old daughter on her own.  She pretended to like her ex-husband’s new girlfriend for the sake of getting along with the kids.  However, the kids could see their mother’s bitterness but there was nothing they could do.  She decided to join some clubs in town and met her best friend Millie Lynch.  Millie Lynch also suffers from various tragedies.  Some people use their tragedies as a way to become better people in life.  For these two, they unleash their anger onto innocent strangers who never did anything to them.  Abigail and Millie hate seeing anyone else that is more successful than them and they are willing to destroy people who have what they want.   They have already lost in everything, that’s why they don’t care what they’re doing.  They know what they’re doing and they just don’t care.  How far will they go?

Joy Luan is a new foreign exchange student who just started Junior High in Ohio.  She loves reading and writing books.  Peter Graham, the class president reads some of her excerpts and suggests Joy to join the school’s writing club that is headed by his mom.  He tells her that his mom would love to read Joy’s work.  Joy thought it would be a fun activity to get to know other authors and writers and to befriend mentors who have been in the writing business to show her how it’s done.  What happened next shocked everyone, especially Peter Graham.

The Elites

By: Lunch Lady Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2018

This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locale or organizations is entirely coincidental.

Names, characters and incidents depicted in this book are products of the author’s imagination, or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and beyond the intent of the author or the publisher. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means whatsoever, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher and/or author.

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to Smashwords.com and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


I’d like to thank everyone who believes in my writing.  I’m spending more time with people who do appreciate me and not those who don’t add anything of substance to my life.

  • Author

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Unbothered

Chapter 2 – Who Won?

Chapter 3 – Caught

Chapter 4 – Solitary Confinement

Chapter 5 – The Aftermath

Chapter 6 – Quote of the Day

Chapter 7 – Just Log Off


Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are places for online trolls to say whatever they want, be whoever they want, and talk however they want.  They have no real consequences for spreading rumors and lies about people on the Internet or even lying about their own successes.  There are laws about defamation of character and if someone threatens one’s life on the Internet that crosses the line, but people are really far too busy to actually do anything about it.

Why go through all that hassle to teach someone a lesson when people can just log off the computer, deactivate their social media sites and make new names that the trolls don’t know?

Some people allow words on the Internet to bother them. 

For Joy Luan, she saw Mrs. Abigail Graham every single day at school and her teacher didn’t have the guts to say anything to her face.  So because Abigail never said any of the toxic venom to Joy’s face, Joy never really let it bother her mind.

It’s always so confusing how online trolls think their words should hold such power to mess with someone’s mind when these are the same people we walk past every single day who never say a word to our faces when they actually see us in person.


There are jealous people in this world who cannot handle their envy.  Mrs. Graham is the type of person who believes that she should get more followers on Twitter because she has lived longer.  She does not believe that younger people should have so many followers on their Twitter and she thinks that “isn’t fair” even though maybe some younger people put in more hard work to earn their followers and fan base.  While some young people want to gossip online all day and play video games all day other young kids decided to start their dreams early in life instead of waiting six to twenty years later.  Why fault them just because they achieved their dreams at an earlier age?  The younger generation was always taught to respect their elders.  What if some elders disrespect the younger generation – what do the kids do when people who are supposed to be their mentors are the ones bullying them?

Mrs. Graham and her Book Club all think THEY deserve all the fame and fortune.  After all, they quit their day jobs (more like couldn’t find work and turned to writing as a last resort – but they like to tell people they retired early) to pursue their dreams full time.  When Mrs. Graham’s dreams did not work out for her, she decided to get back into teaching and that’s when she ran into Joy Luan a seventh grader who joined her Writing Club after school one day.

Joy’s blog was all the town could talk about.  No matter where Mrs. Graham went, people were always saying, “Wow, that Joy has a talent.  Joy is going to be something some day and she just doesn’t know it yet.  She’s only writing blog posts.  She should write actual stories.  She has all this talent and she isn’t using it to her full potential.”

Mrs. Graham got tired of hearing these comments.  Everyone kept telling Joy how she should pursue her dreams whereas Mrs. Graham’s own husband told Mrs. Graham not to quit her day job.  One could guess that was one of the reasons that led to their divorce.  One wants to be a critic yet can’t take the heat when her own work is criticized by people she is closest to.

Joy Luan decides to take the high road and not let it bother her.  In a few years, she will be graduating and she won’t be seeing Mrs. Abigail Graham again.  Mrs. Graham hasn’t directly threatened Joy’s life so even if Joy Luan talked to the police or law enforcement, they would tell her to ignore it – that there’s nothing that can be done.  Still, the venomous messages won’t stop. 

Abigail Graham knew not to do anything to Joy on school property.  She was slick only sending Joy messages on blog comments and e-mails and never crossing the line.  Abigail likes to torment Joy emotionally to prevent Joy from concentrating on her writing – to distract Joy from her thoughts on completing a book. 

All Abigail could think about was Joy this and Joy that.  Ever since she met Joy and read Joy’s stories she was filled with green with envy how Joy wrote stories effortlessly and it took Abigail a long time to get to be an English school teacher.  Some people have natural talents.  Just like some students don’t have to study and they automatically get straight A’s.  Writing is Joy’s natural talent – studying isn’t.  According to the townspeople, people love Joy’s stories.  However, she knows she can always improve even if it is a natural gift to her.  Nothing is ever finished.  There can always be some tweaking.  Joy envies students who don’t have to study for hours and they get straight A’s on tests, but she doesn’t try to destroy those students the way Mrs. Graham and her Book Club is trying to destroy Joy’s writing.

What Abigail did not notice was that she was not preventing Joy from writing stories.  She was preventing herself from progressing by wasting time trying to bring Joy down and not focusing on her own stories.  And English wasn’t Joy’s first language, either!

One evening after everyone has gone to bed Abigail gets out her MacBook and turns on the computer.  She thinks to herself, “If I can’t get the fame and fortune I deserve from working full time on my writing career, no little seventh grader will take my spotlight, either.  What a brat!  She writes part-time and is already gaining a fan base on her blog.  Everyone at school is reading it.  It took me years to get what I have now.”

Abigail had very evil thoughts about what she would do to Joy.  Was Abigail going to kill Joy – all because she didn’t want Joy to achieve fame and fortune at an early life?  After all, Abigail is already flying off the handle as it is.  No, Abigail is the sneaky type – she does not actually break the law.  Killing someone would be breaking the law.  She does things to where she knows she won’t get punished by the law because it’s legal.  Is it immoral what Abigail is doing?  Sure, but unfortunately, it is legal.  Abigail does not care about what is immoral or moral.  All she cares about is that Joy is getting more followers to her blog than her and Joy was not even telling anyone about her stories and that Joy has to be stopped.

Who would believe Joy that a 45-year-old woman is bullying her in e-mails?  No one!  Abigail knew Joy would not tell anyone.  Most people expect grown-ups to be mature.  After all, Abigail has a son named Peter in Joy’s class.  Peter is one year older than Joy – same difference.

Peter was so smitten by Joy’s romance stories that he shared Joy’s blog to the whole school and town – everywhere he went.  Kind of ironic how Peter, Abigail’s son is the one who told the town of Joy’s excerpts and Abigail, his mother is the one who is trying to prevent Joy from receiving fame and fortune.  People often wonder if Peter and Abigail are truly related.  Peter has a genuine heart of gold and always loves to help people achieve their dreams whereas Mrs. Graham wants to destroy people who have what she wants.

Joy is disappointed that her blog has been destroyed by these anonymous venomous comments.  She created a blog to share her excerpts with the town.  She never knew that there would be such vile, hate-filled people who would try to bring her down.  Joy wasn’t a celebrity yet and she already felt “famous” receiving these hate messages and she hadn’t even published her first full length book and already she is getting hate mail!

Joy learns that ignoring these manipulative comments is the better route to take.  She leaves everything in God’s hands that these people would pay for destroying her good name.  Joy did not want to give any more attention to this “hater” and so Joy decided to shut down her blog.  The town was devastated.  Joy wrote a note to everyone saying that if the people who were sending her these hate messages aren’t dealt with, she will no longer be publishing her stories.  When she first started writing, it was a way to relieve her stress.  It was not a way for her to gain more unnecessary stress.

Abigail and her book club always love to update people on social media what their next moves are and what they are up to.  Joy decides to do the opposite.  Joy doesn’t update anyone on what she is doing and she becomes radio silent.

Abigail sees Joy every day at school.  She wonders what Joy is up to now that Joy does not have her blog to share her stories.  Joy pretends to act like she does not know who anonymous is that did this to her blog.  When Joy enters the classroom that day to join the rest of the students, she sees Abigail at the front of the classroom and smiles at her as if she does not know it is Abigail who is behind the anonymous messages.

Joy is a very analytical person.  She reads between the lines.  She knows what people are going to do before they do it.  So she already knew that it was Abigail and her Book Club friends who were sending the anonymous comments.  Before Joy joined the Writing Club, she never received hate mail like that.  It did not take long for Joy to put two and two together that it’s Abigail who is behind the anonymous hate messages – Abigail and her book club friends.  The real question is: does Peter know what his own mother is doing?  Should Joy tell Peter what his mother is doing or will he find out on his own in due time since they live in the same house?

Who won?

            It is homeroom period and Abigail also happens to be Joy’s homeroom teacher.  All the students can be seen getting out their books and doing their homework.  Abigail walks around checking up on them to make sure they aren’t doing any funny business.  The irony is it is Abigail who is the one who has tricks up her sleeves.

            Abigail paces around the classroom thinking quietly to herself.

Now that Joy has shut down her blog, she won’t be getting any new followers.  I won, woohoo, Abigail chuckles silently.

            All Abigail cares about is how many followers people have on social media.  She thinks the Internet is real life.  She is the type of person to gloat about how many likes and or favs she gets on a post she makes.  She is one of those.  Who was Abigail, though?  She wasn’t an actress and only the town knows of her.  So why does she think she can act like a celebrity as if the whole world knows her books? 

            To Abigail and her book club friends if you have 10 followers on Twitter, you are a loser.  If you don’t have all 5 star reviews on your books your book sucks.  That is the way Abigail and her Book Club friends think.  Sometimes, some of the loneliest people are the ones who have a million followers and sometimes some of the worst books in the world have all five star reviews.  Joy is more interested in connecting with people who love reading her stories, people who can relate to what she is going through.  She does not care about 5 star reviews or to befriend every Tom, Dick, Harry, Nancy and Bob she meets.  She only cares to befriend people who actually care about what she is going through – not people who get tired of listening to her same old drama over and over. 


There’s that old saying about Karma: “What goes around comes around.”

Mrs. Abigail Graham will never forget the horrified look on Peter’s face when he came home early from school one day and he caught his mom sending his classmate some nasty e-mails.  He trusted his mom to advise his friend Joy Luan on her writing career.  She let him down.

Abigail decided to stay at home that day to grade some papers.  She is the substitute teacher and fills in for middle school teachers whenever they are on vacation, ill, or have emergencies to take care of and she teaches English at the high school a few blocks over full time.

“Stupid, bitch,” Abigail yells her computer screen, pounding the keyboard ferociously.

Peter shuts the front door, takes off his red and white Ohio State hoodie and hangs it in the closet and says, “Hey, mom!  Are you here?  I decided to come home for lunch.”

Abigail is in her pajamas lounging in the home office near the kitchen.  She quickly shuts her laptop and attempts to keep her composure so Peter does not think anything suspicious is going on.

“It’s so good to see you, son!” Abigail greets Peter in the hallway and hugs him.

“Why are you talking like you haven’t seen me in a long time?” Peter laughs.

The two head to the kitchen to make lunch. 

“Oh, sorry, Peter.  Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in writing my stories I don’t know what day it is anymore,” she chuckles.

Peter takes a soda out of the fridge and sits at the round kitchen table as his mom serves themselves a plate of mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and leftover lasagna, “I’m so thirsty.  Gym class was exhausting.  I need a shower.  I didn’t want to use the school showers because you know how they are, ick public restrooms – I stink!  I love living near the school because it gives me time to walk home during lunch and I don’t have to take the bus.”

“It’s thanks to your father we have this lovely home near the school.  When he passed away, he left the house to us,” Abigail reminisces.

Peter lets out a loud burp after he finishes the last of his soda.

“Son, you know you shouldn’t be drinking that stuff,” Abigail wags her finger at him.

“What?  You’re one to talk, Mom.  How did you get to be so fat?  You’re 500 pounds!”

“Watch your mouth, young man.  Go wash up!  It’s almost time to go back to school,” Abigail says sternly.

Peter mutters under his breath as he walks up the stairs, “What did Dad ever see in you?”

His mother hears what he says and yells back, “Hey, if it weren’t for meeting your father you would not be here right now.”

“Don’t remind me,” he shakes the mental image of his mother and father getting intimate out of his head.

Peter is your typical soccer jock with short sandy blond hair and brown eyes.  Some say he looks like he could be related to Zac Efron, the actor.  Peter’s mother on the other hand, Mrs. Abigail Graham reminds everyone of a troll who lives under the bridge.  The town often wonders if Peter really is Abigail’s son.  They sure do not look alike at all.  They only have the same brown eyes.  Maybe Abigail looked beautiful in a past life once.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Mrs. Abigail Graham had put her husband under a spell.  He would have never married her if he knew what he was doing.  That was the secret and how she got Mr. Graham to marry her.

Once Mr. Graham was aware of what he had done, years later he had divorced her.  However, he would always be tied to Abigail because of the children.  He loved his children but once he saw Abigail’s true colors he could not stand her.

Solitary Confinement

Abigail has been in the insane asylum for three years now.  She is in solitary confinement and has no access to the Internet or any technology.  She has no idea how long she has been here or if this is really happening or if it is a chapter in her books she is writing.

She is sitting cross-legged on the cold floor rocking back and forth and whispers, “Peter, Jordan, and Robby” to the empty room.  Those were her sons.  At least she thinks they are her sons and not characters in her book.

She closes her eyes chanting to herself, “This can’t be real.  This can’t be real.  It’s one of the stories I’m writing.  I’m not really sitting in an empty room with nothing but blank walls and floors to look at.”

Oh, it was real alright.  Doesn’t she remember that day Peter came home from school and just as he was about to leave for school after he got done showering, he stopped by the home office to say good-bye to his mother and that’s when he caught her sending those nasty hate messages to Joy on the computer?

She had been so eager for Peter to be distracted with his own things so she could get back to her computer to send more anonymous hate messages to Joy.

The Aftermath

After that experience, Joy started a non-profit organization for people and their online businesses that have been destroyed by slanderous reviews and the fake reviewers were never punished.  If people feel alone in thinking they never receive justice for the wrongdoings that happen to them, her group is for people to come together and to share their stories.

Peter has become Joy’s manager of the non-profit organization.  He knows the townspeople and has all the connections with the sports teams and parties he has been to.  His friends know people, too.  Joy never asked Peter to help with getting her stories out.  He decided to share her excerpts (with her permission of course) hoping someone would pick her up.  It’s such a shame that Joy doesn’t know anyone to be discovered.  She’s “just another author” just like Mrs. Abigail Graham in a sea of a million eBooks written by other authors.

Quote of the Day

“You don’t pick the story, the story picks you.” – Anon

For a long time Joy had trouble in picking which story she really wanted to tell the world of hers.  Years passed and it’s as if this story wrote itself.  The lines finally came together themselves.

Some days she would sit and think to herself wondering if this was the right story to tell.  A week later, she still had the same idea in her head so it must be the correct story to write.  She just didn’t know how to put her thoughts onto paper to where people would understand how much this experience has affected her, her life, and her stories.

Just Log Off

You hear of so many people and celebrities telling people how they don’t like to receive hate mail.  It comes with the territory of being a celebrity.  Joy is not famous and already she has learned to just ignore people’s venomous hate messages.  Don’t respond to the hate mail.  There’s no point.  Why let words on a computer screen bother people?

Joy deals with these irate individuals in person.  She saw Abigail every day at school and pretended like she didn’t know it was Abigail who was sending her the anonymous hate messages online so why on earth should Joy allow these hate messages on the Internet bother her?  It’s ridiculous to think people hiding behind the computer screen should hold such power to affecting her mind when she will never meet these Internet people that send her hate mail.

Joy has learned you cannot please everyone and she has never tried to please everyone.  That’s why the advice she always gives to people is to ignore those who will never be pleased with what you do and to spend time with people who appreciate all that you offer.

The people who will never be satisfied always seem to be the most opinionated.

Joy does not go out of her way to promote herself or her stories.  Good stories will sell themselves.  She does not want to end up like Mrs. Abigail Graham and her book club friends: joining twenty billion writing clubs, going out of her way to major in English and take writing courses only for her books to still not be known twenty years later with all that promotion.

If people appreciate Joy’s stories, she appreciates them.  She’s not looking to become a billionaire author like J.K. Rowling or Stephen King.  Joy writes stories as a way to deal with the stress in her life that she cannot control.  She does not care about the fake one star reviews she receives from other “authors” and she does not care about the hate mail.

Abigail’s best friend had access to a friend’s library and still six years later, Abigail’s friend’s dreams were shattered as well.  Abigail’s book club gathers every week to badmouth all the younger writers who got lucky in an era where technology and social media are prevalent.

Abigail never supported Joy in the beginning.  Abigail was severely jealous of all the great support Joy was receiving.  She envied her and never wanted Joy to succeed.  There was nothing that Joy could have done to have Abigail’s support.  Some people are just bitter like that.  They can never be happy for others when others have what they want.  Joy has learned to ignore Abigail and people like Abigail.

No matter what Joy said to Abigail, she wouldn’t listen so talking and reasoning with her didn’t do anything, either.

New Edit: Just like how the hater read this entire story and still didn’t comprehend the moral of the story. 🙂

There’s a difference between a real one star review and a fake one star review made by the same person for the past 8+ years.

M. Lauryl Lewis claims that people are allowed to make one star reviews anonymously for “Internet Safety.” My question to the know-it-all is if she thinks she isn’t doing anything wrong on anonymous names making one star reviews on people’s stories, then she should have no reason to hide.

Also, I’m not against criticism, the only problem is it’s been the same troll to leave me fake one star reviews on all my stories so I just end up reporting and ignoring the stalker. If the one star review is made by a real person who is a real reader of mine, of course I can handle that. What I don’t tolerate, is a WANNABE author who pretends she’s a best seller creating fake anonymous accounts to attack other author stories while pretending to be a “nice” person on her main account. THAT is what I don’t tolerate. I also ignore fake reviews made by failed authors who aren’t even real readers of mine. 🙂

I can take one star reviews if it’s actually a legitimate review. Since the only one star reviews I get are from the same nasty troll who has been leaving fake one star reviews on my stories for the past 8 years, I just report it and move on. I’m not going to stop writing moral stories about bullies and I will never publish my real stories on names they stalk. I have worked far too hard on my stories for my first review to be a fake one star review made by an obsessed stalker of mine who refuses to fuck off my page.

Another thing is this — people abuse their anonymous rights to attack authors and slander authors while pretending to be “nice” people they’re not on their main names — exactly what she’s doing.

M. Lauryl Lewis and A.J. Goode are taking advantage of their anonymous privileges to stalk and harass authors on anonymous names and they can deny it’s even them on their main accounts which they have done.

I don’t really care what these two losers are saying about me whatsoever. I just feel bad they are lying to my fellow co-worker authors. Then again, if people are that easily deceived by her, I don’t need to network with naive authors. I only network with authors who have common sense who don’t need to be told who is in the right or wrong. They just KNOW.

If I was a reader of M. Lauryl Lewis and I saw she posted screen shots of someone, but didn’t say who it was — I would want to know two things:

why she is hiding who she is talking about on her page and

why doesn’t the person she is talking about directly respond on her posts she screen shots.

So basically she looks nutty screen shotting my posts even though she blocked me and responding to me still yet not allowing me to comment on her page even though she’s talking about me. I can’t be bothered with that child trapped in a grown woman’s body.

I would not fav her tripe “telling someone off” she doesn’t even tag me, LOL.

AND TWO — I didn’t even read her *clap handed* speech to me so how is she telling me off if I don’t read it? I don’t get it for those that believe her nonsense, LOL.