New Blog Name

So it looks like my two super fans @goodeaj and @mlauryllewis are going to keep stalking me as long as they can get away with it. I haven’t been directly responding to them as that’s been proven to be a lost cause so I decided to focus more on my writing and my support system. M. Lauryl Lewis and A.J. Goode think they’re writing gurus.

They spend many years promoting themselves and the only people who support their writing are the same three people who always ever comment on their posts.

These people have 1,200 followers and 1,900 followers and they only ever get 3 people feedback to them. Sad! If I had that many followers, I’d expect more feed back than just the same 3 people commenting on their posts.

Despite only one or two people ever fav’ing their slander posts about me, they refuse to stop screen shotting me and they refuse to stop slandering me. I’ve already talked with several lawyers about these obsessed stalkers about how they know what they’re doing and as long as they don’t break the law, they won’t get into trouble.

I thought slander was a crime though, why can’t these stalkers be held accountable and punished for it? This is ridiculous that these loser people can sit here for the past 8+ years and the next 10+ years posting about me all day while I’m ignoring them and not even responding to them and if I want their slander removed from their pages I have to hire a lawyer for at least $1,000 and that still doesn’t guarantee things will get removed. Oh yeah, I have been talking with several lawyers to see what can be done. I thought it was against Twitter’s terms of service to harass and slander people, so I don’t know why @mlauryllewis and @goodeaj aren’t suspended.

I’ve been too busy working and writing and I couldn’t care less about these losers and their gossip. They say and do absolutely nothing new. The hipster lunch lady @goodeaj made a pinned tweet about me even as of yesterday and she’s still obsessed with me as if her drama started yesterday. No, she and M. Lauryl lewis have been bad mouthing me for 8+ years. I decided to ignore them because they’re losers who love exaggerating their own successes and how “blessed and grateful” they are.

Truly blessed and grateful people don’t spend all day attacking the same person with fake one star reviews for the past 8+ years…that’s just delusional behavior, period.