Since the bully and her minions haven’t deleted any of their vile trash posts about me and the bully still has that pinned tweet up about me, I don’t feel bad at all for writing a book about the terrible people she and her minions truly are. Since they won’t go away may as well make a few $$$ from stories about bullies who think their shit don’t stink.

Everyone on Twitter and her readers may think the sun shines out of her ass when it really doesn’t. I don’t need to write about the troll to get subscribers. I have plenty of more meaningful stories I can write about to gain subscribers without needing to stoop to M. Lauryl Lewis’ level of using tragedies and pity sales for followers. Since she won’t go away and since she won’t take down her garbage posts about me, so be it.

I’ve already published a short story version of the bullies and their minions and gave it out for free. I didn’t promo it here because I know the losers are going to give me a one star review on it like they do every story I publish that they know of.

I’m going to start charging for longer stories. Since it’s so short and only 5 pages I gave it out for free. 🙂

I already got 3 downloads and haven’t advertised it anywhere, woohoo.

Like I keep telling the losers, I don’t really care what they’re saying about me in the troll’s post comments and posts.