The only reason the trolls still have their Twitter accounts is because I’m not wasting my time reporting them. – They’ll sign up for a new name, anyway and keep harassing me.

I decided to focus more on writing my stories rather than wasting my time reporting immature trolls. They’d sign up for a new name and keep doing what they do. They’ll never go away so there’s no point to report them.

They think somehow giving me fake one star reviews will get them to become more successful than me, LOL. The only thing they did with their fake one star reviews was give me more subscribers. They’re so self-absorbed that they don’t realize no one cares about their pathetic drama and people still subscribe to me and read my stories and they couldn’t care less what those trolls are saying about me.

Even I don’t care what those losers are saying about me. I’m just wondering why they spend so much time talking shit about me when I couldn’t care less if they dislike me or not? They’re losers with too much time on their hands that’s why they have time to harass other authors while other people are working and writing stories.

I decided to make another pen name to post just my stories and not about their drama. I hated losing my readers from my other name, but it’s refreshing being able to finally write in peace without people harassing me and lying about harassing me.

They claim they’re justified in their treatment toward me because they’re threatened by my success so they think somehow taking away and discrediting my success is going to make them more successful than me? LOLOLOL.

The only thing they’re doing is gaining me more subscribers on my new name that isn’t surrounded by their drama. Their lies have no affect on any of my names since they’re cowards who only screen shot me and don’t tag my Twitter page, anyway.

They’re so unprofessional and it’s disgusting how other authors in the #writingcommunity aren’t calling them out for their immature behaviors. They think it’s “normal” for trolls to screen shot every single bio, tweet, and header I’ve ever made and they find nothing wrong with that troll’s maniplative, conniving behaviors. They also find nothing wrong with her slandering my dog’s death.

What is wrong with these pathetic people? Would they like it if someone was attacking their pet that died? No? Then why do they think it’s okay for this monster to use my pet’s death to gain followers to her page?

Wow, I wish these minions who defend the big bully would get a dose of their own medicine to see how they like it if no one has their back and everyone befriends the bully and doesn’t stick up for them. Funny thing is, no one cares enough about these bullies to give them a dose of their own medicine.

The way I beat these trolls is by writing my stories and gaining even more subscribers than before in an even shorter time than last.

— That’s how you beat trolls who act like their shit don’t stink. —