She always falls for the troll bait – that’s why she’s a troll, LOL. :)

So the monster will pretend like she’ll go a day without screen shotting me and back to talking about how awesome and adventurous her life is. I’ll update my bio to see if she’s still going to screen shot me and she always does. She can never stay minding her own business. She always has to have something “witty” to reply to my bios she screen shots.

And once again her sock puppet alt, “Cha_Aegis” fav’d her “witty” and “snarky” post…so predictable. And yeah, Cha_Aegis isn’t a real person. That’s, either M. Lauryl Lewis on a sock account, A.J. Goode pretending to be someone else or one of their other troll friends in disguise.

As if someone real is always sitting there fav’ing everything she writes a second later after she posts it. It’s a total troll account because they’re always on at the same exact time and Cha_Aegis always replies right after M. Lauryl Lewis makes a “snarky” post about me.

That’s how you can tell Cha_Aegis is a sock puppet and not a real person. They think I’m dumb and will fall for that. I mean, they can fool their followers, but they aren’t fooling me. That’s for sure.

M. Lauryl Lewis is so pathetic she has to make a sock puppet account to hype herself up because no one real besides A.J. Goode sits there all day telling M. Lauryl Lewis how awesome she is, LOL.