As of today, the bully and her minions are still gossiping about me in the bully’s post comments. They’re truly subhumans. I don’t even think they’re real people. I don’t get how someone can sit here and deliberately lie about me and have the audacity to call ME the liar. I don’t lie, especially about drama. I especially don’t lie about loser disgusting wannabe authors.

The few screen shots I have of the bully reveals her crazy and what I’m talking about. I predict everything she is going to do before she does it and she does what I say she will do and yet people still suck up and kiss ass to her. I wonder if the psychos defending the bully would like it if the bully was smearing them and nobody had their backs if the bully was attacking them and not me??

What’s more disgusting are the psychotic minions of the bullies who believe that the bully is the victim when she clearly thrives off the drama. She could easily ignore me and yet she has screen shots about me plastered all over her page as if she wants my attention. She even has a pinned tweet about me, but apparently she’s the victim – not the drama queen.

And when I respond they claim I’m harassing her? Of course, I’m going to respond to people who are talking about me and people who are talking about stuff that has nothing to do with them. The psycho bully posted tweets of mine from 2015 about someone I was kind of dating then. Not sure why she does that and her minions find nothing wrong with her erratic behaviors and they still believe she’s the victim even though she instigated me by posting tweets of mine from 2015…but you know what, the sad sacks still believe her and when I give her a dose of her own medicine they think she’s the victim when she manipulates my responses.

They weren’t here when it all went down and actually you can even see that the bully is the one who is bullying and harassing me when she calls me a dog killer – clear lies and yet her minions see nothing wrong with her calling me a dog killer. These people are fucked in the head and they all deserve each other. They’re sickos, psychos and pathetic.

They can spread their lies about me all over Twitter and Reddit. The one place where they don’t get to harass me is my blog and I’m in control here of what gets approved in the comments.