One Star Stories

True Crime Author – Stories about trolls who have zero morals yet they have the galls to call themselves "GOOD" people.

Hello to my real readers,

My Super Fan Club: @mlauryllewis @goodeaj and @cha_aegis claim I’m “harassing” them even though I’ve been ignoring them and working and writing my stories. They continuously go to my page to screen shot me and they keep posting about me even though they have me blocked. This is the biggest form of gas lighting I have ever encountered. And every time I respond to them they have the GALLS to take my responses out of context and some outsider who didn’t know any better would think I WAS the one bothering them yet they didn’t see the whole picture that they instigated me first. This is why I’m ignoring the trolls now, because every time I respond to them they screen shot my posts and they pretend to play victim and they still haven’t owned up to the fact that they started this all and I’m simply responding to people who are lying about me. 🙂

Since I can’t afford a lawyer to send them a formal cease and desist letter, the only option I really have is to ignore these fraudulent people.

I have prayed for a long time that these losers, liars and lunatics receive some sort of real consequence for their lies about me. My prayers have not been answered for 8+ years and they haven’t even been suspended on their main accounts on Twitter…well that’s because I haven’t been reporting them because when I did try a long time ago, I had all the links to their abuse and spam messages when this first started and Twitter Support STILL wouldn’t suspend them. I thought harassment was against the Terms of Service on Twitter — apparently, rules don’t apply to @goodeaj, @mlauryllewis and @cha_aegis. @mlauryllewis’ troll account @sharingpublicst didn’t even get suspend and that’s in clear violation of Twitter Rules.

They should have been suspended a long time ago if rules applied to everyone on Twitter…and so they’re taking advantage of the fact that they know they never get suspended to continue to harass and doxx me.

In a way, I think they did receive their punishment already. If they want to waste time on the Internet talking smack, that’s what their punishment IS. They waste HEAPS of time screen shotting all my posts and stalking me the whole time I’m ignoring them! While I’ve been ignoring them I’ve been getting a lot done and I know they haven’t gotten shit done because all they do is obsess over me every day.

This page was made to feed the trolls. I know they love my attention and responses. This is also a decoy blog. It’s not my real blog where I post my actual stories. While they’re busy stalking this decoy name that was made purposely to answer their drama and give them the attention that they want, I have another professional author name they have no idea which one it is that I’ve been publishing my real stories on.

That’s the plan…to distract the trolls from stalking me on my actual account.

I find it amusing how much time they spend obsessing over my decoy name and this isn’t even my real writing account, LOL.

Like I said, I don’t broadcast my every successes and I couldn’t care less about what these loser trolls are saying about me.

I let them think what they want because I know what’s true and what isn’t.